Why I-M-Ó-N

The INNOVATIVE BIOfunctional PRODUCTS of I-M-Ó-N  are based on published research results and clinical studies. Their ingredients of 100% natural origin have proven health claims based on active nutrients from the Greek biodiversity. They contain rich macro and micro nutrients, as well as naturally enriched antioxidants.

They can be used on the basis of a balanced healthy diet which ensures the absolute metabolic balance in the body and enhances, in a completely natural way, the possibility of self-healing. Research over the past 5 years has provided exciting evidence for the influence of nutrition factors on specific molecular systems and mechanisms that maintain body and mental function.

I-M-Ó-N , let's change the world.


I-M-Ó-N  products act at a cellular level, strengthening body and mind performance. On a daily basis they can have therapeutical benefits:

  • improving gastrointestinal floral and function
  • reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • anti-aging action
  • anti-inflammatory action
  • increasing muscle mass
  • increasing antioxidant defense and health prevention against metabolic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular and diseases related to the redox state of the body.
    I-M-O-N products prepare your body to absorb the necessary nutrients from meals. They and can also support a healthy eating plan for the purpose of weight loss.