R&D Team & Laboratories

I-M-O-N has a high-level expertise due to its multidisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists, ergophysiologists, researchers and experts in biofunctional nutrition.  The team participated in and published the first clinical studies on biofunctional nutraceuticals. These studies are published in the most prestigious scientific journals. The Research and Development Team of I-M-O-N has studied the pathophysiological cellular mechanisms of nutritional therapy and kinesitherapy of the human body that promote the self-regulation of its metabolic homeostasis, through the reduction of oxidative stress and cellular inflammation which aims the restoration of possible metabolic and oxidative disorders. Through its twenty-five years of experience, it developed and certified a series of products with unique properties and functions.

Among its recent research actions is the collaboration  with the National Research Infrastructure FOODOMICS and the BIOMIC Institute for the scientific analysis and development of a new generation of biofunctional products (food and cosmetics) with synergistic activity
I-M-O-N company has the only specialized laboratory for the study and production of biofunctional products in Europe