Our Mission

I-M-Ó-N(E-m-ó-n / Is Made Of Nature) was perceived as an attempt to contemplate the aural mirroring of the 1. homonym ancient Greek words ημών ~ [meaning ours] and 2. υμών ~ [meaning yours] 3. The invisible, but conceivable link connecting any cell to the universe, the small and the big, ourselves to the whole.

Our mission is a contemporary approach to Hippocrates, the father of Medicine. “Natural forces within us are the true healers”

The statement above was the first anticipation to the nutrigenomic science approach.

At I-M-Ó-N, we use scientific excellence and mindfulness to develop and produce state – of – the art nutritional and skincare products with bio-functional properties, 100% of natural origin. 

We are proud to be the new global movement of functional nutrition with results from a biohacking scientific team that continuously researches ingredients with validated health claims and their interaction with the genes.

Our products combine functional raw materials with special ingredients that have scientifically proven positive results on human DNA.

With more than 15 year experience on DNA research we have selected and used functional raw materials from Greece. 

The importance of Greek biodiversity (one of the largest worldwide) in protecting our health, was first recorded by Dioscorides the Father of pharmacology and author of Materia Medica, the first and longest lasting book on botany and pharmaceuticals.

Greece is the home of more than 6,500 Greek species of medicinal and aromatic plants, of which 1,500 are endemic, making it one of the richest in biodiversity countries.