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Want to build stronger, smoother, plumper skin? Here’s some food for thought: if superfood ingredients like green tea and aloe water can improve the health of your skin, doesn’t it stand to reason that powerful protein ingredients could, too? When it comes to whey protein, the answer is a loud-and-clear Yes.

Not your smoothie’s whey protein.

Before you dive face-first into some DIY (DoItYourself) mixology, take note: this isn’t your smoothie’s whey protein. They are both about “building”; but, the one you drink helps build muscle. Whey protein “the skin care ingredient” is a polypeptide that’s rich in amino acids, which are the building blocks for new skin generation. The whey protein in IMON cosmetics is highly concentrated, purified, and perhaps most importantly, has been refined for pure cosmetic benefits.

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